Strategic Communication for Culture Change and Measurable Outcomes

This course consists of 1 live meeting + 9 days of online learning.

Product Description

Do you want to think apply Motivational Interviewing skills in eldercare and health care?

When we are in a team or group leadership position, we are responsible for change and results. Yet as managers often lack the communication skills to move change forward.

To reach your organizational goals, managers can apply MI to their organization, taking into account the dominant culture and subcultures that exist. Managers will increase their success by planning strategic communication, using MI, to meetings and group dynamics in daily interactions.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe organization’s readiness for change, looking at overall culture and subcultures
  • Use MI conversational skills to shape a group engagement, e.g. in meeting setting
  • Develop a communication plan to influence others’ perceptions and group dynamics in daily interactions