Person-Centered Communication Track


Hybrid of online and on-campus.


Product Description

The Who, What, When and How Tos of Motivational Interviewing
The application of Motivational Inquiry (MI) in health care has been proven to facilitate behavior change. MI helps a manager improve patients/clients/resident outcomes as well as to shape team culture towards measurable results. Many managers in healthcare, aging, disability, behavioral health, and criminal justice seek these skills to improve their ability to empower others through non-confrontational language.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Adapt MI to engage others in conversations and develop rapport quickly and easily
  • Create a response to each type of speech
  • Distinguish skilled from unskilled meeting facilitation
  • Improve your score in MI
  • Prepare for crucial meetings
  • Produce a comprehensive communication strategy to evoke real change.