Custom Course Design for Associations

Choose from our Tracks and Courses to create an online education offering for your members, without the cost and hassle of design (view the Cost Quality Compromise).

You may also put your association-owned content into an online course to make it accessible to your geographically distant members and to allow them to do the work at their convenience.

We work with you on the course design, creation and marketing.

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Product Description

ELDER Management Education works with associations and organizations to customize courses or tracks for their member/manager needs. We have some standardized tracks that have been used by other associations, and we can modify the courses to better meet the needs of individual areas of senior living or community based services.

Computer2BorderLearning By Doing: Association learning is great and so is internal training. The biggest difference provided by a classroom (live or online) is the discussions and assignments. These are proven effective methods for sharing ideas, pushing plans forward in a short period of time, and intense learning. This is how adults learn best. In each of our courses, your managers, brings their experience in the field, applies a management tool, and thinks about how to use it back in his or her organization.

Typical planning for a custom track takes place 6-9 months before the first course launch date. The biggest factor is securing the instructor’s time.

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